Ella is ONE. A look back at the past 12 months :)

Ella is officially one year old! It has been 44 weeks since Austin and I took a trip "just to go look" at a litter of puppies one of the recent optometry graduates had. I saw Ella's black and white spots and blue & brown eyes and I was hooked.  The past year has been so much fun (mostly:). We have only had a few true puppy teeth casualties in our home (RIP Chacos), but mostly things I learned how to sow up and fix. It has been going on 13 years since Honey was a puppy, so I forget how much fun it is to watch a little dog grow up. She is literally THE MOST energetic, fun-loving, run around like a mad-dog girl I have ever met but she also gives the best snuggles and loves Austin and I so much. Here is a mash up of the past 12 months, from the first day we picked her up, until now!  She is enjoying her new toys this morning, even though I dropped the ball and her "big present" (the cutest bandana from Hoot & Co.) isn't in yet... I don't think she is too sad about that though :) Sorry for the puppy spam, but you know I am obsessed (How could you not be?). 

Have a great weekend y'all!