Grab some coffee and a blanket and get cozy, because I get a little gabby here - however one of the main reasons I blog is for stress relief and to be able to have a little creativity and sometimes words flow and if I go back and read through I just get self conscious and start changing things. Also trying not to get too philosophical here, but my rambling may sound that way!

One of the biggest life shifts I have had to make was while leaving the happy-go-lucky-undergraduate world and entering the big kid, wow-I-need-to-learn-to-study-so-I-can-be-a-doctor world. When you get to college, they say you never learned to study in high school. Then when you enter professional school you realize you never really learned to study in college... or juggle life on top of it. Don't get me wrong, I was really involved at my undergraduate university and took hard classes, you have to to get into any medical type program. I have never, however; taken so many difficult classes, had a home & husband to take care of, cooked my own food every night (never thought I would miss the school caf), or had to learn to legitimately make the decision to have free time to keep from going insane.

Each semester gets busier (although more enjoyable in my opinion), but we also get smarter (thank you brain plasticity) and learn to have some sort of balance. I am always intrigued to listen to Alexa Jorgensen interview people on her podcast Munchin' With Moguls (I listed it here as one of my all time favorite girl boss podcasts!), because she typically at some point discusses the concept of balance with those on her show. Mostly they all say there isn't ever true balance in lifeand they have all struggled with having their own identity, while being a wife, mother, business owner etc., and "balance" is just what you have to do each day to get by, get done, and stay happy. I think that is SO TRUE. There are times over the past few years I have said no to things that I wanted to do because I had an exam that need more studying than hours in the day and there have been times I have some wiggle room with grades (or maybe I didn't) and I took a weekend trip and relaxed my study schedule somewhat (even though studying for something is always an option). Over the past year I planned our entire wedding while in school. There were days I met with vendors, went to dress appointments, or did some DIY-ing, when I may have needed to study, however; you have to start distinguishing between when school (insert: work, organizations, other obligations) is a part of your life from it being your life. 

I think the concept of balance will always be somewhat of a misnomer in every stage of life. I have yet to actually begin my career, or have children, or own a home that I plan on being in for a substantial amount of time, but I know each of those things will add another level of steps in a day - but also all be really exciting and just take adjustments to get to a new "normal". I think when you accept that true balance is not necessarily an attainable thing and that the "perfect" life is only on social media, and in TV shows and books... then balance seems less like a goal or something you need, and more whatever you make it in your day to day life. 

I think I am done with my rambling! Hope you all get a little something out of this, I think I sure did, because I feel better (or...maybe the coffee is just setting in? Who knows. :). Let me know what you do to try to keep the "balance" through life!