Making a temporary house your home: Part One

After Austin and I got married we moved into a house together that we will essentially call "home" for the next 20 months. Professional school both feels like it drags on forever, and also races by, depending on the week. Prior to getting married I lived in a duplex for two years, first with my brother then with one of my best friends. I did my best to make my area in that space very "me" because I know that I personally do better studying in an environment I enjoy. I would much rather sit at a desk and study with candles on, plants around me and music going than in a cold classroom with nothing homey. So while this new area is not going to be our home for long, we have done our best to make it ours in the meantime. It has been a little game of give and take, what do we need compared to what do we want and what will add to our happiness/homey-ness versus what is an unneeded purchase. I have also vowed to try and only buy things I would want to use long term, as in past graduation when we find a more permanent home. I would love to be able to reuse things in our next house, so my goal is to have as many neutral and versatile pieces as possible. Austin makes fun of me for wanting everything to be white... but honestly it is true, I do love white decor...and linens... and kitchen goodies.

I have tried to find the best deals online to make our very traditionally designed interior (not our style at all) look more modern and clean for the most affordable price... not always an easy feat. Luckily I have been in no hurry, as we had most of the essentials from my previous home and from our parent's houses, like most of the pieces and linens from our little guest room. Then again when there was something we couldn't live without, like this Herringbone Coffee Table I loved...and definitely couldn't afford... I had Austin make it for me (pictures of the finished beauty to come). Side note: we did it for under $100, win! There are things that are still on my "to find" list, a chair for my desk, shelving for the living room, and a low platform bed for our room - we have been sleeping zen-style with the mattress on the floor, which actually has been pretty cool! But for now, we are set and functioning with all the major necessities. 

Over all the most important things that have allowed our home to come together are the small pieces sprinkled throughout. From signs our friends & family made us for our wedding, to our Macrame Backdrop that draped behind us while we said our vows (now hanging above our bed), to photos of us with friends and family, they are the things letting us to truly feel "at home". My current project is a gallery wall to hang above our TV in the living room, a mix of wedding photos,  pretty prints and uplifting signs. once it finishes coming together (could be a while... I have been pretty picky) I will give some little peeks to small areas. Any suggestions of sites, or cute easy shops for prints and decor? Always on the hunt for pretty things to peruse! :)

Happy first day of Fall!! 

P.S. I finally got my email subscription program working (seriously that was harder work that I thought). So for those of you that signed up over the past two months... you probably just got an email finalizing it!