1. If you need a midday pick me up/laugh (and if you live under a Facebook rock and haven't seen these already). Please go watch this adorableness. Also this and this...hahaha.

2. My Instagram is basically a mix of my friends & family, clothing stores and then pages with killer aesthetic & inspiration that I am trying to learn from. A few of my favorites are @friederikchen, @indiekayla  , @annalyncook, &&& @_sydbrown.

3. I am thinking about starting to use essential oils more. I love the scent and calming nature of them but I haven't ever used them in my home. Anyone have smells/oil companies they recommend?

4. Have I mentioned that it is September yet? The 22nd and the actual beginning of Fall can't come quick enough (all though I'm not waiting around, full Fall mode has began). This Etsy shop has the cutest fall signs AND this weekend they are having a 15% off sale!

5. What do you guys think of Taylor Swift's new song? I was totally weirded out the first time I heard it, but it is oddly growing on me..

6. Need a yummy snack and have overly ripe bananas? These muffins are on my list of things to make this weekend!

7. Did everyone hear that Amazon bought Whole Foods? At first this made me a little sad, because I had just listened to the Whole Foods Market story on the How I Built This podcast - but then I was like nah, I will take cheaper healthy food! :) Especially since Amazon Prime members get special discounts!

8. Wanderlust has been real lately. I want to go to Canada so bad - seriously check out the water in Peyto Lake.

9. I have started using Lightroom and am playing around with presets - anyone have any tips on keeping photos natural yet enhancing them? Or presets you love?

10. My skin is already starting to feel drier in this cooler (relatively speaking) weather. Time to pull out my favorite scrub of all time: Mario Badescu's Almond Honey Face Scrub. Great for dry/sensitive skin!