My first time camping (WHAT?! I know)

In case you aren't familiar with the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, it is tucked in the Ozark Mountains, about an hour and fifteen minutes East of Fayetteville. I would say it's beauty speaks for itself. Just another reason we love Arkansas so, so much - and why we cannot wait to go back in Fall when the leaves are all on fire with color!

A week ago today Austin and I were waking up to watch the sunrise over the Buffalo River on the most foggy, crisp and peaceful morning. It seriously looked as if the river were floating on clouds. I wish we could have captured it in a photo, but nothing could have taken in it's beauty and I kind of like that we kept that moment private. We had slept in the back of Austin's truck - recently renovated into a pretty sweet little camper! Confession time - I have never been truly camping before, so this was my first experience. I've stayed in an RV but that is as close as I have come to sleeping in the great outdoors. Luckily Austin pushes me to step outside my comfort zone, but he also gets that I need a few modern amenities, at least for now while I get my feet wet! Over our time at the river we swam, jumped off rocks (Austin not me lol), built a fire, found a few constellations and searched out the elusive Elk in the Ponca, AR area. It was so rejuvenating and relaxing.

I did have a few epiphanies while we were on this little getaway. As we got into the camper to sleep I said to Austin, "I don't remember the last time I was outside in the pitch black." Living in town with street lights doesn't allow much time for being outdoors in the total dark. I tried to take in the stars and enjoy the moment. Second epiphany - for some reason this is the "off-season" over in the Ozarks. Austin and I were starving so we went to the little town nearby, Jasper, to try and find food. We called a couple places ahead of time and they either answered or had voicemails that said they were closed for the summer (huh?) and would open back in September for Fall. We finally found one restaurant open, but we will know next time to take our own food. If you are close (or even if you aren't!) I highly suggest going and checking the Buffalo River out!

Hope you enjoy your day!