10 August favorites for my favorite month of the year

At first, you might find August being my favorite month kind of weird... it is usually scorching hot in Oklahoma, there aren't any fun holidays, school typically is starting back up, however; I have always love love loved the month of August. This is probably largely because my birthday is at the end of it and I love a good reason to celebrate! Also I mean come on, August is the gateway to Fall aka the best season... and toward the end of the month I start fully pulling out the pumpkin and apple smells and get into fall cooking. Soup and crock pot recipes are my jam and I can't wait until I can actually start eating them again without sweating. 

Any who, on to the good stuff. Here are my top 10 things for August to check out, think about or be motivated by! 

1. Austin and I have been into podcasts for some time now, but I recently started branching from the ones we listen to together to ones for myself. For the ladies who have maybe never listened to one before (or if you have!), I HIGHLY suggest trying out Munchin' With Moguls by Alexa Jorgenson. Warning: it will make you want to do every girl boss thing you have ever thought about.

2. Remember Avalanche City? I am pretty sure my high school self loved them, but I had forgot until I recently ran across them on Spotify and now I can't turn them off. If you need a reminder go listen here!

3. I am starting the #bfbhairchallenge this week... so minimal to NO HEAT on my hair for the rest of August. I have done this type of thing a few times and my hair always comes out so soft and healthy at the end of it. Braids are about to be a lifesaver!

4. Have you every heard of the One-Minute Rule? Neither had I until recently. The idea is that anything you can get done in one minute or less you should do without delay. Examples: emptying the dishwasher, making the bed, deleting junk emails etc. This is meant to keep everyday life more organized and less stressed. I am trying it out more this month!

5. My so called "summer break" (aka tease) is going so, so fast. But I am trying to relax and just do nothing at moments....really hard for a Type A busy body sometimes. Luckily finishing up Grey's on Netflix has me pretty tied up. :) Anyone have suggestions on what series to start next?

6.  Cultivating a marriage and home has been both fun and challenging this summer, so I am excited August brings a more "normal" schedule. Getting used to Austin's shifts while being in class and clinic most of the week is a work in progress but we are going with the flow and getting it figured out! 

7. Speaking of growing up and getting married, we have been using MINT to keep track of finances and love it! It is super simple to use and allows you to keep track of everything from specific spending categories and pay bills directly through the system!  

8. The past few months I have been keeping up with Household Mag. The author, Hailey, and her husband decided to sell all their belongings in NYC and travel indefinitely with their family while working remotely (because IT WAS CHEAPER than living in NYC!). They move around each month and it is so cool to see what it is like living in so many countries! Her candidness/realness is so relatable and cool!

9. I finally branched in to the swimmer category of my favorite workout attire company, Albion Fit. Their new Treasure Island collection is so so cool. This and this are seriously too cute! 

10. One of my favorite things this summer has been listening to Austin's stories from work! For so long he had to listen to my "boring" stories about class or what we were learning to prep for clinic, but the things he sees and does each day is just amazing. He has started journaling them and let's me read them when he finishes. Who knows maybe he will share them on here sometime!

Have a great rest of your week!