Hey hey it's birthday week!

It is officially birthday week, which I find completely acceptable to celebrate even at 24. I love to celebrate for most any reason, and as long as I can, because I think it makes life so much more fun. I will be in class and clinic all day on my actual birthday, so I took advantage of the beautiful day today to get outside and have a little fun! I am still amazed at the weather we have had all August here in Oklahoma and today was no exception. To make things even better, Austin came home from work this morning with a shiny new bike for my birthday, so naturally we took it out for a ride. 6 miles, one giant hill, and a goose egg on my shin later, I appreciate the stamina of people who ride bikes because I was so worn out! I am excited Austin and I both have a bike now so we can go on rides more often and mix up our exercising a little! We are planning on going for a morning ride before class tomorrow (assuming I'm not too sore from today haha). 

Hope you all can find a reason to get outside and enjoy the warm (but not hot!) weather before it cools off too much! Have a great week!