School is about to start back so right now I am soaking up the last minutes of "summer break" and getting organized for the upcoming semester. Here are the things getting me through!

1. A while back I asked on FB for recommendations on Podcasts to listen to so I have been trying to make it through them. Serial was the most requested one for obvious reasons... I am totally addicted! Check it out.

2. August = new planner time. WOO. I went with my favorite maker of pretty things again this year, Rifle Paper Co. and got this floral masterpiece. Here are a few more options I considered though: numero uno, numero dos, numero tres.

3. I am doing last minute deep cleaning before I am back in class full time, so I need good music to get me through it. I have been reverting to my study favorite: Ben Rector. <3

4.  Because pretty pens and notebooks that are for a good cause are a win in my book, check out ME to WE, super cute school supplies that give back to education. Also they are available at Staples and Walgreens. Win!

5. I am halfway through the #bfbhairchallenge! It is actually really freeing to know I won't be spending 20 minutes curling my hair each day! Working on this braid next.

6. Today I finally finished my main goal of the summer (with literally no time to spare) - to set up our guest bedroom. It has been a storage room for the past three months but today it came together. Setting up rooms has me dreaming about my future home. Check this and this and this out for some modern farmhouse dreaminess.

7. Quote of the week: "Numbers don't define how insanely cool you are." - Hailey Devine. Regardless of how many followers you have on instagram, what grade you got on a test, or what your boss said in your performance review, you are you and you should own it!

8. My all time favorite online boutique, Roolee, (out of Utah, seriously Utah has the cutest boutiques), has the best back to school clothes evaaa. Bonus, they have cute home decor - including that adorable pillow in our guest bedroom at the top!

9. Has everyone watched Last Chance U on Netflix? Austin and I binge watched it in a week. They are moving it next season from Coach Stephens craziness to Independence Community College just across the border in Kansas! This article has some fun facts about ICC.

10. As a public service announcement, since eyes are kind of my thing, if you are going to watch the eclipse tomorrow, please please please do it safely! Here is an article by the American Optometric Association on how to be safe and enjoy it!