Newlywed Thread: 10 Handy Registry Items Everyone Can Use

I found that one of the most time consuming and indecisive things I did while wedding planning was choose what should be on our registry. Of course we had so much fun going in stores to zap everything in sight, but then when I came home and got online I was constantly wondering if we really needed this, if there was a better alternative to that, or if I was forgetting something. I didn't want to be too frivolous but I also didn't want to leave off things we truly needed. Luckily for us, we have awesome family and friends who set us up very well for a long, long time! I could never choose a favorites list - because we truly love everything, however; here is a quick list of 10 things we have used almost daily since receiving them! 

Bonus: everything on this list is $100 or less and all the kitchen items are dishwasher safe (win!!).

1. First is actually two very similar things that get almost equal use here in the Mefford household. This Calphelon square grill pan and it's almost twin, the square griddle. We have cooked steak, salmon, eggs and asparagus on these puppies and I am still amazed at how evenly they cook on our less than gourmet stove.

2. Something we use every single day is our precious INK + IVY comforter from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is white & neutral and so pretty! Unfortunately it was shipped with no name and we haven't been able to track down who sent it to us... so if it was you, let me know! We want to thank you :)

3. A small, but oh so useful staple in our kitchen is this little OXO Swivel peeler. Peeling potatoes & zucchini has never been easier... seriously everyone needs one of these!

4. We love love loved every Pioneer Woman goodie we were gifted, however this plate set and these mugs get so, so much use (sorry I like to use words multiple times I guess?).

5. There was something about graduating from a smorgasbord of estate sale silverware to this Lenox flatware that makes me feel slightly more like an adult. 

6. Something not exactly on our registry that we received and loved is this Monogrammed Thirty One Hamper. It has a big navy "M" on it and add the cutest touch to our bathroom.

7. Earlier this year I decided to go more green and stop using my Keurig, so this Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker has been a life saver. It is so nice to be able to wake up to the coffee aroma.

8. I was super excited to get a set of nesting baskets. I love being able to put throw blankets, bathroom supplies and other nick nacks into a cute basket - it makes everything less cluttered!

9. Austin and I are both big fans of the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender! I makes smoothies and he uses it for his bulletproof coffee. It has been a staple here.

10. Last for this list is the greatest cookie sheet I have ever used, the AirBake Cookie Sheet. We have used this not only for cookies and orange sweet rolls (Austin's Favorite) but also to roast squash and zucchini and to make almond chicken. The best part is it clean SO EASY. Cookie Sheet win!



Thanks to Abby Roses Photography for the cutesy detail picture!