Bloggin' round two

When you decide to start a blog (for the first time... or second round in my case - yay for the comeback kids) a few things go through your mind. The first is probably, will anyone look at it? I can answer that - your mom (or grandma, or aunt, or best friend) will... and they will be excited to see what you have going on, so go for it! A close second is either will I have enough interesting things to write about, or will I have time. For me, time is more of a worry with school, and the ever-lurking National Boards right around the corner (insert sweating emoji), combined with the fact that I have decided it really doesn't matter how much "interesting" material you have, you will find your niche of people who want to read what you have to say! Third probably is will people judge my writing, pictures, thoughts etc... and who knows, maybe they will, but more people will think it is really cool that you write and have the confidence to put yourself out there. So after I told myself all these things a few times over the past few months (in addition to Austin's encouragement) I thought what the heck might as well give it a shot again. Plus I decided if this was going to be successful in the long run it would probably be an added bonus to do it through the experience that is finishing up school... including Boards (yucky word again, sorry classmates), although I am going to be honest now... my expectations of blogging for myself in the months of January - March 2018 are not high. But they say the pain of Boards is temporary and knowing myself, writing has always been a cathartic and creative outlet so it will be a great release. Also added to my life since my last time of blogging are two things that you will be seeing a whole lot of - a brand-new husband and a puppy! At least one of the two does not have the ability to tell me no to taking pictures of her, so I thought she would be the best subject for this first post. Also I just love documenting her at this puppy age while she is growing so fast (I am going to be the most obnoxious picture-taking mom some day). Blogging world, meet Ella: 15 week old ball of energy who loves getting white hair all over mom and dad's clothes right before they leave for school/work, playing with her best bud the soccer ball, belly rubs, going down town to sit under our chairs at the coffee shop, and meeting new doggie friends. Also her favorite treats are carrots, hashtag girl after my own heart. For your viewing please here are some pictures of our cute Blue Merle Aussie. 

Side note: I think her ears actually each have a brain of their own as one likes to stand up and one prefers to lay down.