2017 Year Rewind!

I have to say of my 24 years on Earth, 2017 will be the one to this point that I will cherish and think back on as one of my favorites forever. Year rewind coming right up!

JANUARY: The year began with a trip to the West Coast for a conference with the American Optometric Student Association in San Diego! I serve as the Trustee (like the liaison) for our school so I have the privilege of meeting up with students from every school in the country twice a year to work on legislative efforts, student involvement, networking and advancing our profession. My first time in California was definitely a dream and I can't wait to go back and drive all the way up the coast! 

FEBRUARY: First full month seeing patients and trying to figure out how to survive clinic. I thank all the people who endured eye exams that lasted hours and some really awkward clinician-patient communication. A lot of school sprinkled with wedding planning throughout (WOO!).

MARCH: I realize after looking back over the past year that about two months into each semester my life must get really boring because I have no pictures. However, I did have the sweetest wedding shower AND Austin graduated from Fire Academy after a long five months!

APRIL: Last minute wedding activities and yearly opto-nerd Eyeball extravaganza :)

MAY: Potentially my favorite month in the history of months. I became a third year optometry student, Austin & I got married & moved into our first house together, and we brought home the fluff ball that is Ella. I won't overload with wedding photos here, but I want to give a HUGE shoutout to our stellar wedding party that made the entire year so enjoyable and relaxed. 

JUNE: Summer semester and school trips to Dallas and Washington D.C. with the American Optometric Student Association. Albeit being in meetings most of the week I was able to visit Arlington, the National Archives, two Smithsonians (while running around in pouring rain!), endless Memorials and attended a sweet headphone music party at the Smithsonian National Zoo with 2,000 optometry students!

JULY: COLORADO. We love this state so, so much. So thankful that it is within such a convenient driving distance so we can take our bikes, fishing gear and everything else we need for a week's adventures anytime we want!

AUGUST: One of my favorite months (because birthday). We had a weekend getaway in OKC for winning the Brides of Oklahoma Looks of Love Contest, a few trips over to Arkansas for hiking and fishing, and began another semester toward becoming an O.D. 

SEPTEMBER: I love September because it is typically when I get in the full swing of things after a new school year begins. It is always when full Fall-mode starts and when the ridiculous Oklahoma humidity starts to take a chill pill for the year. 

OCTOBER: Attended the American Academy of Optometry national CE conference in Chicago. It was the largest city I had been to thus far in my life so driving up to the buildings was impressive. We were able to get out and explore somewhat, however; it definitely made me thankful for the OK fall weather... wind and rain are not my thing. 

NOVEMBER: Beginning the holiday season always gets me in a jolly mood, and a semester lighter on the tests/finals prep and heavier on clinic (YAY THIRD YEAR) made for a happy month. Ella can now sit, lay down, shake and roll over... stay is a work in progress.

DECEMBER: Second favorite month of the year (unless it is 110 degrees and in August, in which I would answer as it being my favorite). We closed out the semester and then headed to Colorado to go skiing at Copper Mountain.