I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! 75% of mine was spent laying around at Mom and Dad's in sweatpants decorating, gift wrapping, catching up with family... and a little studying thrown in. Yesterday I got ALL of my Christmas shopping finished, but I was cozy & in my PJs while doing it! Mom and I have done the red eye Black Friday shopping before.. and I can attest HOW MUCH MORE RELAXING it is at home. No stress, all the time in the world, and I still got everything on sale. WOO! Here are some things to help make your Saturday morning a little happier! 

1.  Have I mentioned before how much I love Cotton Stem Blog? She is base out of Tulsa (hey, hey Oklahoma girls!) and has the cutest Farmhouse of my dreams. She did this Christmas Wreath DIY that I used to make mom and my wreaths this year!

2. I am not doing an actual Christmas tree this year (crazy puppy, small house, only a few weeks to actually enjoy it), so I am doing a mini christmas tree forest on my dining table instead. Some are homemade, but a few (this and this)  I picked up at Hobby Lobby since most everything Christmas is 50% off this week! 

3. Okay heartwarming video alert, because no one can get enough of babies wearing glasses for the first time. <3

4. Typical, I know, but my favorite boutique, Roolee, is continuing their Black Friday Sale through Cyber Monday with 25% off site wide!! EEP. (P.S. THIS COAT IS SO PRETTY

5. To drive home the Black Friday point, these perfect joggers (that often accompany me to class when I don't have clinic) are 20% off, along with the entire Albion Fit website! 

6. Trying to finish writing our Christmas cards this week. I had Madi by Art by Madi B do them and she killed it. She does the prettiest watercolor art. I am already eyeing her 2018 Calendars!

7. Currently building my Christmas Spotify Playlist that I listen to all of December. What are your favorite Christmas songs/covers to play while you go about your day?

8.  The 25 Days of Christmas Schedule is up and I am looking forward to all the time leading up to finals in which Christmas movies will entice me to step away from finals. 

9. If you are looking for some killer Christmas Wrap, look no further than Joanna Gaines' line at Target, Hearth & Hand. It is so, so good that I already got a start on my gift wrapping.

10.  If you want to see me decorate a few gifts in the aforementioned gift wrap (in super duper speed at that!)... goooooo here!

Have a happy week!!