Things for your Weekend Browse

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October is typically one of the busiest months of class school wise. Midterm exams hit, projects are due and cool weather activities start being very distracting. This October in particular I am super excited to get to be going on two quick trips over this week and next to split up the monotony of class. October is going to go so fast, but I am excited to share the fun things I am doing!

1. One of my classmates found this quiz that guesses where you lived based on vocabulary you use. I questioned it at first...but then I tried it and it was exactly right! Some of my chosen words: y'all, roundabout, catty-corner, and crawdad.

2. I have been in Chicago all week for an Optometric Conference (photos to come!), and was so glad to get home last night! There is nothing like a cuddly weekend afternoon after a long, sleep deprived week!

3. Earlier this month our wedding was featured on Junebug Weddings! It was fun getting to relive it through our precious pictures!

4. If you love the letterboard trend, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, Hobby Lobby now sells them! Eek! With your 40% coupon it is a sweet deal!

5. Please watch this video of a baby elephant chasing birds (then running to his mommy!). Made my day!

6.  My first DIY of the fall season was covering a few pumpkins with this tutorial. Super easy way to personalize fall decorations to fit your home!

7. This also looks like an adorable DIY, but I think I already have too many pumpkin in our little house.      ....can there ever really be too many?

8. Looking for Halloween costumes for Ella (lol) and came across this video. If I was one of these people I think I would actually die. 

9. One of my new-favorites Instagrammers, Chrissy Powers just launched a podcast, Sure, Babe. Super excited for it! 

10. This will be our first year to be able to send our Christmas Cards! I know it is early, but I want to get them ordered before the craziness of school coming to a close hits in November! Currently trying to choose what photo to use for them, and thoroughly enjoying the search.