Happy One Year Anniversary to Us!

Austin and I had our first anniversary over the weekend and were thankfully able to celebrate the day via our wedding video. When we chose to do videography I decided that we would have an official wedding video watching each year on our anniversary! After eating our anniversary cake, we sat down to watch this and relived the most beautiful, sunny, love & family-filled day I have ever experienced! I have cherished taking in every moment that comes with the first year of marriage. I hope y'all enjoy reliving the day as well! Have a great week!

Weekend Links (actually out on Friday!)

In effort to actually get this out for the first time ever before the weekend is halfway (or totally) over, I prepped I little early this week! Woo! Weekend Links here we come.

1. Northeast Oklahoma friends, in case you haven't seen me post about it on Instagram every week... you must try Reasor's Online Shopping. Fill your cart online, drive up to the pickup area, they come and load your bags for you. I officially have not stepped foot in a grocery store in 3 weeks. Especially handy/amazing/freeing since I stopped shopping at Walmart!

2. Optometry people, if you don't already get Dr. Jaclyn Garlich's weekly news email update, 20/20 Glance, GO SIGN UP. It is short and sweet and informative!

3. Want this mug

4. Still creating my summer reading list! Finished the two books I was working on, so I need new suggestions! 

5. The biggest festival of the year is this weekend aka The Red Fern Festival. Where the Red Fern Grows was based here in Tahlequah and therefore the whole town turns upside celebrating the book and the heritage of the area. If you are around it is worth the drive. You will find me by the food trucks (specifically the taco one). 

6. If you are looking for a great doctor in your area, www.thinkaboutyoureyes.com has a wonderful search for reputable optometrists. In addition they have generally great information overall about eye health, diseases, and insurance! 

7. Still working on that wardrobe capsule thing. It is a work in progress for sure! Erin with Cotton Stem is my inspiration. 

8. Ella is practicing her modeling skills above. In reality, I thought I was taking pictures of her for a good 15 minutes before I realized my exposure was set way to high on my camera and you couldn't see any of them. 

9. Joanna Gaines' new cookbook came out this week! I need. 

10. 5 Days left until FOURTH YEAR! 

Throw Back to a Little Pre-Boards Study Break

Back in February, when my life was still eat, clinic, study, sleep, Austin and I enlisted my favorite boss mom/hair stylist/photographer, Abbye to do some Valentine's Day photos for us outside of Tahlequah. For those that don't know the area, Tahlequah is (in our opinion) one of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma and we like to take full advantage of it while we are here. If you enjoy hiking, kayaking, floating, or biking - it is a pretty good place to be. This place in particular is extra gorgeous. It is called Sparrowhawk Mountain and overlooks the Illinois River below. Bonus, it is short but pretty steep, so when you are married to Austin you get to run it (cue sweat/dying). Thank you Abbye for these gorgeous photos, glad the rain finally stopped so we could fit them in!