Hello and welcome to my space...not to be confused with Myspace (in which I was once asked if I was old enough to know what that was...the problems of looking younger than you are). My name is Caitlyn and I am currently an optometry student on the post-undergraduate four year journey to becoming a Doctor of Optometry. I am (just recently) married to my high school sweetheart, Austin. Austin is a firefighter (newly, within the past year) so we are getting used to the shift work/class & clinic hours collaboration.

I enjoy writing about things that make me happy, projects Austin and I are working on and about the rare traveling flings optometry school allows me to take. My loves include exploring new coffee shops, anything and everything floral, helping Austin with his various DIYs - and trying to keep up on his last-minute adventures, learning new braids, meandering through farmer's markets, day-dreaming (and pinterest-ing) up our future dream home, and enjoying the small moments between studying for the next big test. Also, pictures of our dog Ella will be plentiful.


Photography by Abby Roses Photography